Nissan UK links search ads to store visits with Google AdWords

Nissan UK has been advertising with Google AdWords for 10 years, utilising Google Search campaigns to market its products online and to measure the impact of online to offline behaviours for the goal to drive more offline conversions. Nissan UK started to use Googles ‘store visits’ metric to do this which resulted in effectively measuring their return on investment.

50% of the people who perform a local search on their mobile (34% who search on desktop or table) visit a store within a day. With product information at hand, the customer journey from online to offline is on the rise. In regards to Nissan UK, they found 90% of new car buyers research the product online before visiting their local dealership. By using Google AdWords, Nissan UK can see which search keywords and campaigns drive the most store traffic. Google determines a store based on user proximity to the advertisers location on Google maps. The ‘store-visits’ metric draws on search ad clicks across all devices (smartphones, desktop and tablet), with Nissan UK reporting a 4.77% conversion rate from clicks on search ads to store visits and a 6.04% conversion rate on mobile.

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