In January 2018, BBC’s economic editor Kamal Ahmed reported that the UK manufacturing output is at its highest for ten years.  He suggested two key trends that have maximised the UK’s position – a weaker currency and global growth – UK exports have never been more competitive due to the fall in the value of Sterling immediately after the Brexit referendum and the global upsurge in demand.

How Many Sugars?

Here are eight spoonsful of sugar insights into the manufacturing industry

  1. UK manufacturing is enjoying its longest growth spurt since 1997.
  2. In fact, its positively thriving – currently we’re the world’s 8th largest industrial nation however if current growth trends persist, the UK will be top 5 by 2021.
  3. Manufacturing employs 2.6 million people in the UK.
  4. Women now make up 23% of the UK STEM workforce and in manufacturing alone, make up 25% of the total UK workforce.
  5. According to WISE 61,430 more women worked in core STEM occupations in 2017 than in 2016.
  6. A report by The Engineer that polled over 600 industry professionals, concluded that 72% of UK manufacturers don’t believe the government is doing enough to promote skills training. Of those asked, 83% believe there are not enough young people working in UK manufacturing and engineering.
  7. However, according to The Manufacturers 2018 report71% of manufacturers believe apprenticeships are developing into a proper alternative to Higher Education for school leavers.
  8. And in the same report, 72% say they have confidence in overseas trade and say conditions are good for growth.