Global email marketing to reach potential clients around the world

When we started to work with cutting machine manufacturer, Swift-Cut, they had one machine and a small target audience. Their ambition was to go global, at a time when social media wasn’t as prolific as it is now, and so we had to deploy an email campaign strategy that would reach potential customers both at home and abroad.

Creating an email that can be sent to all four corners of the earth is a challenge, but we knew that it was the ultimate way to reach new customers. Writing for the US market is a different proposition than writing for the UK and Europe – we adopt language and nuance that translates to a US audience – and knowing what does and doesn’t work in the States is something we have spent the best part of ten years honing.

European emails have to be translated and verified and we have access to translators that can ensure the successful delivery of the sales message and build up a substantial database for future correspondence.

If reaching a global audience is something you know your business will benefit from but you feel you don’t have the means to drive it, we can do it for you.