Imagine the cheers and whoops in our office when our client Swift-Cut Automation informed us that they had been awarded the 2018 Queens Award for International Trade.  Arguably the most prestigious and esteemed award in business, their success is a massive boost for not only their business, but for ours.

When we started working with Swift-Cut, they had one brilliant product that they sold in the UK and ambitions to export.  As a business growth agency, we helped them to expand into 35 countries and they now export 80% of their business globally.  They’ve gone from small fry to big fish, producing a superb range of cutting systems, aided by a tireless ambition to crack into foreign markets and, if we’re allowed to be slightly biased, help from us to facilitate this expansion.

We take nothing away from Swift-Cut, they are incredible at what they do – so I’ll leave the final word to them, “Sugar bring skills that we do not have internally and using them has helped us to gain and maintain sales momentum worldwide.”