Effective B2B marketing

Using our specialist skills and experience we assemble the elements you need to construct an effective marketing communications strategy.

We focus on getting people to see what you do, to understand how it will help them, and to have confidence in your ability to deliver.


First we breakdown and lay out what you do, and really get to understand each element of your business. Then we can start to look at how we put marketing activities together to create your marketing machine.

…and vision

You need to promote your business to your customers, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders, delivering yourself as the company you want to be seen as – and in the places your potential customers are looking. We will become part of your team and help you to deliver this.

We’re flipping good at what we do

It doesn’t matter whether you build military Chinooks or help companies combat fraud, we know how to take the right marketing elements and combine them to build a marketing machine that suits your needs and works within your budget.

We’ve also had some amazing results …

We’ve driven enquiries from five to over 250 a month on a product that sells for £30,000. We’ve shaped, evolved and positioned businesses to assist growth from £6m to £50m, and we’ve helped a UK manufacturer expand into 35 countries. We genuinely care about delivering for our clients, and we love doing it.

We’ll get you noticed

We’ll build a mesh of communications to put you in front of the right people. We believe this requires joined up thinking, which is why we offer a broad range of services. Our expertise is in combining the right activities, in the best way to achieve your objectives.

Here’s the evidence

We are very proud to have worked alongside a number of forward-thinking companies in a variety of sectors, helping them to deliver their business objectives… with some amazing results.

“I have no doubt whatsoever that working with Sugar has greatly contributed to Swift-Cut’s sales success – they really are part of the team. They bring skills that we do not have internally and using them has helped us to gain and maintain sales momentum worldwide.”
Steve Brown
Swift-Cut Sales Director