Why choose Sugar to help grow?

Because we’re flipping good at what we do, we care about delivering for our clients and we genuinely love doing it.

We’ve also had some amazing results …

We’ve driven enquiries up from 5 to 250+ a month on a product that’s selling for £30k+, we’ve shaped, evolved and positioned company brands to help growth from £6m to £30m and we’ve given a voice and platforms to a UK manufacturer so they can push out across the world.


1. Do you want to grow your business and are you prepared to invest?

Nodding your head vigorously to ‘growing your business’ but less actively about investment?! Don’t panic. We can take a modest budget and put it to work. Start small and build on our successes. See our bit about costs below.

2. Are you a little bit bored of agencies not quite understanding what you do?

Consumer products and services are generally pretty easy to get a handle on but understanding B2B offerings often requires a bit of effort. We’ll make that effort. We are looking for a long-term relationship with our clients so from our point of view it’s a good use of our time. We can’t plan effective marketing until we understand what you’re trying to achieve and the challenges you face. For the same reason, we always start each new relationship with a planning workshop to get us all on the same page. We should feel like an extension of your team.

3. Do you need a cunning plan?

You need to look bigger and better and get in front of people who are interested in what you’re offering. You know your business, what we can bring is a bit of disciple, consistency and some specialist skills. We can help you devise a plan of action, implement it and refine it. We’ll take the day-to-day responsibility for your marketing and we’ll keep up the momentum and focus.

 4. Never sure who to ask to do what?

Because we believe in joined up thinking we offer a broad range of services. If we don’t offer you something you need we’ll work with you to find the right people who do. If you have in-house talent or a preferred supplier for some things we can work with them too. Collaboration is the answer!


We believe that people buy from people.

The quickest way of finding out whether we’re what you need and whether you would like to work with us is to talk so please get in touch.

We’re based near Tunbridge Wells in Kent but if you’re ‘up North’ or anywhere else in the country don’t let that put you off – we’ll travel. We have a client in Accrington for heaven’s sake!


What about costs?

There is an element of marketing budgets being a piece of string – but you don’t have to start with a very long piece of string!
If you’re prepared to invest £500-£1000 a month initially with a view to scaling up as your business grows let’s have a conversation about what we can do for you.

What our customers say

“I have no doubt whatsoever that working with Sugar has greatly contributed to Swift-Cut’s sales success – they really are part of the team. They bring skills that we do not have internally and using them has helped us to gain and maintain sales momentum worldwide.”

Steve Brown
Sales Director, Swift-Cut


What will help to grow your business?

It’s very rarely one thing that will help to grow your business it takes a combination of things to keep you in front of your potential customers.

Here are the main in-house activities we use to help companies grow.

Marketing planning – Positioning workshops – Corporate and brand identity – Paid search (search engines and social media) – Content strategy and development – Visual content development – Email marketing – Social media – Marketing materials – Document preparation – Website development – Google analytics……


We would much rather talk to you than bombard you with copy so if you’re ready to move your business forward and think that we might be able to help give us a call and let us talk you through the different things we can do to grow your business

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