Shaking hands to seal a new business deal


Why have I not caught my new customer – hook, line and sinker?

Converting business leads is a bit like fishing; you can feel the first nibble but you can’t quite catch it. You’ve attracted little Nemo, but you don’t understand why he’s not taking the bait.

Marketing your B2B business is very much a long game.  You might feel like you’ve done enough but there is always more to do and certainly more that the customer needs.  Thinking that you can convert leads without putting in the marketing mileage is doing you, and them, a disservice.

How do I create a conversation?

Much like dear old Nemo, who tends to swim the same water every day – your leads were there yesterday and they will be there again tomorrow, but only if you feed them. Successful marketing relies on a consistent message stream; a continuous flow of content from a variety of platforms so that it becomes impossible for those leads to ignore just how reliable you are.

With a continuous marketing message being drip fed to your potential customers, they will start to recognise you as a voice of authority.  Over time, you will become an opinion they seek. This reliable and enduring strategy can then see the leads finally being converted.

Regular blogs, social media posts, ‘how to’ guides, case studies and promotions not only lure new customers but they help the ones you already have and stop them from jumping ship if they think the information has dried up.

How do I keep the conversation flowing?

Having a content strategy in place, so that your content is not only regularly written, but is actually scheduled to go out, is imperative in maintaining a regular voice. If your content is inconsistent in any way, it not only confuses your customers but it leads them to lose faith in your brand.

Do you know what else loves consistency?

Search engines, that’s what. Regular posts, dripping in key words, will start to be recognised for their worth. Fade out, and the search engine will stop recognising your voice.  Maintaining the same voice, tone and look across all of your business platforms is more important, for a glut of reasons, than you might have presumed.

Once you have found your voice, you need it to be heard.  And there really is no better way than a regular email campaign.  Placing your content directly into your customer’s inbox on a regular basis makes it hard for them to ignore what you’re offering.

Can you just do the talking for me?

At Sugar Marketing, there are two people we need to get to know – you and your customer.  We make sure the right person is receiving the right message at the right time. If you don’t think you have the time, the skills or the resources to get the conversation started, get in touch and let us tell you the ways we can help.