Puretech provides turnkey engineering for high purity process systems. We’ve helped them to land high value sales orders and achieve an ROI of 100,000% on their marketing spend.

Seeking out new markets

In B2B markets it’s not always easy to establish the profile of your potential customers. For some businesses the people they need to reach – which can include end users, decision makers and other key stakeholders – could be anywhere in the world, working in any number of industries and with varying job titles.

This was one of the issues facing Puretech, which provides turnkey engineering for high purity process systems.


Sugar Marketing was tasked with:

  • Generating sales enquiries and driving customer acquisition
  • Launching a precisely targeted worldwide search advertising campaign


Our results:

  • Landing a £1.5M order, as a result of a £1,500 search campaign: That’s an ROI of almost 100,000%
  • Designing a user-friendly website that successfully engages potential customers: Resulting in increased customer acquisition
  • Helping the company to rebrand and reach new audiences: UK Gas Technologies Group has grown significantly as a direct result of working with us


“Martin and the team at Sugar Marketing have delivered significant results for Puretech. We were unsure about how successful marketing activity would be, but when the leads began flowing in as a result – including a huge order worth £1.5M – it was clear that our modest marketing spend was worth every penny.”


Andrew Barrett
Managing Director, UK Gas Technologies Group

Activities we’ve undertaken for Puretech (part of the UK Gas Technologies Group):

  • Paid search
  • Content development
  • Brand development
  • Case study creation
  • Website development
  • Marketing literature
  • Exhibitions