“CMAC organises planned and emergency passenger transport and accommodation. We helped them to evolve their brand and drive turnover from £6M to £50M.”

Promoting a Market Leading Service

Communicating exactly what you’re offering and why it’s of interest to the right people is essential to growing a business.

We worked with managed ground transport and accommodation service provider CMAC to refine what they offer, why they offer it and to whom: helping them to boom from a £6 million turnover to a £50 million business that looks like the innovative, award-winning, sector-leading company that it is.


Sugar Marketing was tasked with:

  • Brand Evolution: Consolidating the company from five brands to one
  • Brand identity: Creating a consistent look and personality throughout all communications
  • Supporting the management team in all marketing activity: Providing necessary content and visuals, and acting as brand custodian


Our results:

  • Establishing a winning brand: We shaped, evolved and positioned CMAC’s company to help achieve growth from £6M to £50M
  • Creating a meaningful brand: Uniting five companies under one corporate umbrella

“Sugar has played its part in the growth of CMAC. The team totally understand us – what we do right and what we want to achieve.  We like their passion for our business – they’re at trade shows and awards, celebrating our success alongside us and taking great pride in our achievements”

Steve Turner

Activities we’ve undertaken for CMAC:

  • Paid search
  • Content development
  • Brand development
  • Website development
  • Marketing literature
  • Email marketing
  • Supplier & Customer communication
  • Promotional materials
  • Case study creation
  • Environment branding
  • Awards submissions
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Animated videos